Rabi Al Hassan l Project Manager

A specialist in the project management of spray plaster and pigmented plaster finishes, Rabi  Al Hassan is responsible for complete onsite co-ordination of projects to ensure timely and efficient execution of a contract. 

He is dedicated to realising client specification in a proficient manner, delivering stunning finishes on a wealth of architectural projects; from prestigious hotels, shopping malls, and institutions to private residences.

Valiji J.K  l Site Foreman

An experienced Site Foreman with over 10 years of site supervision and co-ordination knowledge.  Valiji J.K is an expert in the arena of false ceiling and partitioning solutions.

Taleb Suleiman l Mechanical Foreman

Providing competence in the repair and maintenance of machinery on behalf of STC, Taleb Suleiman is committed to the provision of high quality equipment to fulfil the demanding requirements of large-scale projects.